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This years rendezvous has came and gone. We had 14 camps and 10 shooters. Bill 
Smith won first place aggregate with a score of 162x . Alan Snyder won second 
with a score of 157x and Robbie McMillen won third with a score of 153x. Wish we 
had more camps and shooters there. We are going to have a meeting after the 
in July to talk about some things we want to do for next years rendezvous so 
please make a effort to be there. The July shoot will be Sunday the 8th at 
1:00PM  Paul Reed will be the range officer. Don’t forget that if you want a 
chance to win the Bill Smith shooting bag at the November shoot , you need to 
shoot 5 of the monthly shoots to qualify. There are 5 shoots left for this year 
so its not to late to qualify for this. The organizers of West Point River Days 
has ask the Bucksnort Longhunters to be part of this event again this year. The 
dates for this event are September 14-16 2012 . We can camp along with the civil 
war and WW II camps. Firewood provide and have access to indoor restrooms in the 
West Point Museum. There will be a free dinner at the West Point hotel Saturday 
night. I’m attaching a schedule of events for the festival. Mike and Paul went 
to this last year and said the had a good time so for a event this close please 
think about going. So to all of you that said it was to cold to shoot in 
February hope to see you at the next shoot.  Your scribe  Robbie McMillen