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Great youtube video Gunsmith of Williamsburg   Leave a comment

I ran across a great video on youtube. You can look it up by typeing in Gunsmith of Williamsburg. It was filmed in 1969 at Colonial Willamsburg. The video follows master gun smith Wallace Gusler as he makes a flintlock rifle. He makes every single part of this rifle from scratch.

March 2014 Shoot Winners   Leave a comment


We had great shoot today with 14 shooters. Jay Gabhart took 1st place. There was a 4 way tie for 2nd place between Alan Snyder, Bud Diehl, Sean Diehl, and Ralf Gerrard. After the tie breaker shoot off Alan Snyder won 2nd and Bud Diehl won 3rd.

Our Website Is Back Up   Leave a comment

Hello everyone this is Sean and I’ve taken over our website. It’s up and working again. I still have a lot of updating to do but I’ll get there. If anyone has any suggestions or potos see me at the next shoot, or e-mail me at


New Web Address   Leave a comment

You no longer need to put wordpress at the end of the bucksnorts website. If you do type in you will automaticly be redirected to our new web site