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Everyone has something they want to sale. If it’s related to something we do in the club post it here.

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  1. do you still have any of the tents?

    • The 12 x12 x 8 Wedge is still available, I did have a Gentleman call about it the other day wanting to look at it, I also have a Wall tent that is not list because I have to set it up to see what size it is and what condition it is in. I have a 12 x12 tarp for a diamond shelter if anyone is interested in that for $50.00. Thanks R Smiley

      Richard Smiley
  2. Hello Everyone, The 12x12x8 Wedge Tent has been sold but I still have the Wall Tent. The 12×12 Diamond tarp is Sold along with the Oak water barrel which I only had 1 of instead of 2 as is listed on the first posting. Thanks Richard.

    Richard Smiley
    • hello, what size is the wall tent, who’s it made buy and the price, thank you,

      tim cow head brummage
  3. Hello Everyone, Just to let everyone know that I still have the wall tent available plus I have two sets of Campfire cooking irons both can be used as a tripod or as across fire set each set includes three S hooks, also I have two Shepard hook lantern holders, two wooden candle lanterns, and I still have the .50 cal. Flintlock rifle w/shooting bag, powder horn and accoutrements, If interested in any of these items give me a call at 270 900 0681. I am back to work now so my days off are normally Thursday thru Saturday. Have a nice day.

    Richard Smiley
    • Hello all. Well to let everyone know the Black Powder is all sold thank you to all that have bought it. I still have the Camp fire irons, the collapsible fire grate, an 8 point and a 4 point Early Whitney red Lachine style blanket. a full size rope bed. If interested call the number listed above.

  4. Hello all Just to let everyone know that the Rifle has been sold, All the powder has been sold, All the tents have been sold, The barrels have been sold, the only thing that I have left is the 2 Lachine blankets, Thanks to all that have bought my items.

  5. do you have pictures of the 4 point blanket

  6. All these items have been sold so you can remove this post.

    Richard Smiley
  7. I have a wall tent ,awning, poles, and guide ropes for sale. $300. The tent has a few small repairable holes and 2 of the poles are in need of repair. Contact Jeremy @ 812-344-4061.

  8. Gary Birch buckskin war shirt, pants and rifle case, capote, moccasins, coyote skin hat, possible bag for sale.
    Pics available upon request.

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