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The road to the Range has been shut down by Hardin County officials and remain closed until repairs are made.And they cant give me a date when repairs will be made.Untill then we can use the landfill entrance but we can have only one key and it is going to be in a locked box attached to gate post with a combination padlock .When members use Range after Landfill hours and unlock gate it must be locked back when you go through it DO NOT LEAVE IT OPEN WHILE AT THE RANGE if you go through the gate put key back in box and lock it So a another member can get in while you are back at range Make sure you call in to 270-737=5669 when entering and leaving When box is installed i will post it and you will have to Email me for the combination not going to post it EMAIL longhunter The landfill gate is open Monday through Friday 7 to 5 and Saturday 7 to 12 if you go during this time be sure to leave before Landfill closes

Posted May 8, 2019 by varetired in Bucksnort News