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NOV. Shoot Winners!   Leave a comment

C.M. Enlow put on his second annual black powder pistol shoot. Ralf was our 1st place winner, Caleb was 2nd and Allen took 3rd. Congratulations! Special thanks to Ms. Enlow for they great food! SG

Ky Corp Interstate Shoot Pictures!   Leave a comment

Oct. Shoot Winners!   Leave a comment

​We had a steel target shoot today. There was a 3 way tie for 1st place. The tie breaker was a 4″ metal plate at about 75 yards. Bud was our 1st place winner, I (Sean) was the 2nd place winner, and Allen was our 3rd place winner!

Sept. Shoot Winners!   Leave a comment

Paul & Jeremiah put on one of best woods walks yet! We shot at everything from an oxygen tank to plastic spoons! I (Sean) was the first place winner. Jeff  was our 2nd place winner and Kenneth took 3rd place. Congratulations!

Photos from Aug Shoot 2016   Leave a comment

Thanks Bob for taking these photos!

August Shoot Winners!   Leave a comment

Bruce won 1st place followed by Buddy for second, and CM for third! Congratulations!

July shoot results!   Leave a comment

We had a great shoot with lots of shooters! Robbie cooked us up a wonderful meal afterwards! Wayne won 1st, I won 2nd and Jim won 3rd! See you next month.

High Power Rifles!   Leave a comment

We’ve had some vandalism resently at the range. Someone has been destroying targets with high power rifles.
The only time high power rifles are aloud is right before deer season to be sighted in on paper targets.
The vandals are probably non members. If you see them get a description and let us know. Thanks!

Feb shoot results!   Leave a comment

We had a great turnout for february’s shoot. We had 9 shooters. Allen took 1st place, Bob 2nd, and Scott 3rd. Congratulations!


Bucksnort Longhunters facebook page   Leave a comment

Mike has started a Bucksnort Longhunters facebook page. It is listed under bucksnort longhunters When you visit the page don’t forget to like the page.